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I write coming of age romance for both young adults and adults. My young adult novels often center around the kind of harsh reality I see daily, but then I (usually) give my characters the happy ending I wish teens saw more of in real life.

After many years of keeping my young adult and adult titles separate (hello pen names), I realized that what I write for adults, isn’t that different from what I write for young adults. As I re-brand, those will slowly be released under Jolene Perry! *cue nervous excitement

I give tips and tools about writing, publishing, and author life on BEEN WRITING?  and I’m a freelance editor at CookieLynnPub

If you’d ever like to exhange a review for a free book, you should contact me. Sometimes this is out of my hands, but  other times, I can pull strings…


Jo YA Titles

THE CRAWFORD, LOUISIANA SERIES (Spanning from young adult to new adult):

Crawford Series 3


These will be added as they’re re-released! I’ll be honest – some of my “adult” titles, involve college freshmen, and others involve nearly forty year old washed-up rockstars. Thanks for being along for the ride.

Love of music series