Why I Should Not be a Romance Writer

There are a million reasons for this: The first being that I am far too practical for big romance. Do you know what I see WHEN I SEE CHISELED ABS? I see a high-maintanance guy that I can’t bring it in me to write about (okay, MUCH, lol). I see someone who will spend moreContinue reading “Why I Should Not be a Romance Writer”

She Never Saw Him Coming… and the realization that I write romance

I didn’t set out to write romance when I first started writing. I just didn’t. Some of my favorite books have been as much about family relationships and friend relationships and history as love stories, or more. Still. The first book I wrote was a love story. So was the second. And the third… SoContinue reading “She Never Saw Him Coming… and the realization that I write romance”

What You Love Most…

With writing comes expectations – mine, my agent’s, my editor’s, my readers’… With writing comes the idea that at some point, I’ll have to go over every single sentence and read it again and again to make it perfect. And then turn it into my editor and start that process again. There are days whenContinue reading “What You Love Most…”