I Once Wrote a Book by Accident

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved the idea of being a WRITER. I mean, WOW, lol.

But when I first started writing BLURRING THE LINES I had no idea it was going to be a BOOK. I’d never written a book before. I’d never considered the possibility that I might be able to write a whole book.

I was playing guitar for my kiddos when I wondered what it would be like to write a song for someone famous. And then I wrote the first scene in BLURRING THE LINES. I wasn’t trying to start a story, and for ALL the versions of this book until the last, that scene wasn’t even in the beginning.

But once I wrote that one scene, I wanted to know more about Corinne.

Why was she so closed off?

And more about Chris.

What about this woman made him see his life in a new light? (Or really an old one since he’s trying to go back to the guy he was before). And what would it feel like if your world was your lyrics and suddenly you couldn’t write anymore?


And then I was 100 pages in and all I could think was HOLY CRAP I JUST WROTE 100 PAGES!!! I’d only written that many pages one other time, and it was for my final poli sci paper in college.

When I finished ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC (old title) I was giddy. I’d WRITTEN A BOOK!

I had NO idea what it took to get published. The more I looked into it, and the more I thought about it, the more I knew it’s what I wanted to do. But I also started to realize that Chris and Corinne’s story wasn’t going to get me there. At least not then.

Last year I pulled this story out of its dusty spot on my hard drive and realized that if I actually wanted this story to be one worth reading, I’d need to start from scratch.

So I did.

And now, after beginning this book in the fall of 2009, I finally have a version of this story I feel ready to share with whoever wants to read it, and that feels so amazing I don’t have words.



This book will be 0.99 through the weekend, and now I get to start on finishing up the next one because I love books that tie in together but can each be read on their own.

Handsome man serenading his girlfriend with guitar

You can find my MIA website HERE, and Mia on goodreads HERE, and BLURRING THE LINES on AMAZON HERE.

Thanks!! I’m off to do some happy dancing!




Published by Jolene Perry

Hiker. Occasional Yogi. Equestrian. Couch potato. Music lover. Mediocre guitar player. Sailor. Tailor. Home body. Traveler. Enjoys suffering from being interested in everything. Co-founder and instructor at Waypoint Author Academy. Rep'd by Amy Bishop of Dystel, Goderich, and Bourret.

3 thoughts on “I Once Wrote a Book by Accident

  1. That’s so cool. And probably more common than we realize.

    I had my character for my first ms swimming in my head for probably a year and a half before I finally thought to sit down and type. Um, hello. Then I spit out over 500,000 words in 6 stories in about 6 months. They’re pretty badly written, but I will get back to them someday. They’re adult contemporary though, and I’d rather concentrate on the ya right now.

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