Monthly Archives: September 2014

I Write What I Write

I remember after reading 20 Boy Summer and Fixing Delilah that I thought to myself – I wanna write a book like that. And then I went on a John Green binge, even though I threw Looking for Alaska across the room when I reached THAT part. And I was like – I wanna write a book like […]
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Are We Reading too Fast?

I was asked to moderate the agents and editors panel at the Alaska SCBWI/AWG conference last weekend, and the one question I WISH I’d had time to get to is this: With how our society devours something and moves on to the next, will we see a lack of new “evergreen” novels? Novels that stick […]
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I do not believe in Failure

I do not believe in failure. I believe in learning. I listened to an agent over the weekend saying that we have to get used to failure. That it follows us and that we fail in everything from simple tasks like yielding to a car, or big tasks like selling a book. And while I […]
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