Monthly Archives: October 2014


There are times when I feel so incredibly fragile as a writer and as a person. Sometimes it has to do with what’s going on in my family life – like my mother in law spending a month at my house. And while I love having people come visit, I’m also very private, and sharing […]
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The VERY little bits I know about social media…

I took a class by agent Tricia Lawrence at my local SCBWI this fall on social media, and it was easily the best class on social media I’ve ever taken. Before I tell you the BIGGEST thing I learned there, I’m going to tell you the VERY few things I’ve learned along the way: 1. […]
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The Summer I Found You is a kindle daily deal today!!!!!!!!! So – from 7.99 to 1.99, which makes me supah happy!!!!! Find it HERE To celebrate, I shall post a million pretties of my book b/c that sounds FUN.