(Becuase I love to have teen guest posters. And because Lucy is one of the nicest people I’ve met online)
First off, thank-you Jolene for asking me to write a post. It has been a long time since I have wrote one due to time constraints, but as the year is winding down (and school is on vacation!!) I officially have time to write up a post.
I am going to share with you two books I have recently read and loved, two books that are on my to read and why they are on my to read, and lastly about the book I am currently reading.
2 Books I have Read and Loved
1.) Well technically my favorite book of 2014, and practically my favorite book ever life is The Summer I Found You, by the one and only Jolene Perry… If you have NOT read it I have no idea what you are waiting for. This book is the best mix for me. It has medical stuff, and it has the perfect relationship that hits its battles. The relationship between Aiden and Kate is one that you just cannot describe. You can just feel the love and connection between them, and you can also feel the hurt Aiden feels when Kate goes behind his back. If I was a director, or movie maker, or whatever I would TOTALLY make this into a movie. Soooooo if you HAVE NOT read this, read this NOW!!!
(Jolene blushes furiously)
2.) Another book that I completely fell in love with was Over the Endline by Alfred Martino. This book has a little but of something for all, even the men out there! (Score!… No pun intended 😉 Kyle automatically sounds dreamy, his brother quickly sounds like a jerk, and everyone else in between I think is odd, but makes the story. It also involves sports, and if a book has sports, romance, mystery and criminal stuff who cannot love it!?
2 Books on my To Read Shelf
1.) This book I checked out have it sitting as the next read after I read the book I am currently and you will notice it relates to what I am reading. The book is called Confessions of a Surgeon: The Good, the Bad, and the Complicated… Life Behind the OR Doors by Paul Ruggieri. So why am I excited to read this? Well…. I love surgery, and it is a career that I am interested in going into. From the reviews, this book is down for tears, laughs, and an inside view into what life behind the OR doors is really like. I am super duper excited to dig into this one within the next day.
(this book is on Jolene’s shelf. She’s waiting for a trip to the cabin to read)
2.) If you know anything about me I am a realistic fiction junky. I really want to read, Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg. (Has anyone read this? Let me know!) It sounds like almost the typical relationship of where two best friends, start to add romance, and then realize that maybe that isn’t a good thing to do. I am nervous that it won’t have a little jazz to it, but these books typically have something thrown at you that you are like whooooaaaa there, so I am hoping I get that feeling from this book.
(LOVE friends to more books… Being Friends with Boys by McVoy is another along this line…)
1 Book I am Currently Reading
1.)  I picked up this book when our vacation started and honestly I am in love. Intern: A Doctor’s Initiation by Sandeep Jauhar is a great whether you are interested in the medical field or not. I am interested in the medical field, so this book helps me see what life as a resident is really like. Jauhar opens up about transitioning from med-school to residency, living up to his parents expectations, meeting his brothers standards, finding the “right girl”, and most importantly dealing with patients. I find this book is a great relaxer. Whilst it has sad parts (his first death), it has funny parts (patients gone wild). I have learned so much on what to expect, and whilst I know if I choose this professions I will not really know what it is like before I live it, it is nice to hear about someone else’s experiences.
You can find Lucy’s site HERE.

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5 thoughts on “FROM LUCY

  1. Lucy-The last Jolene book I read was Stronger than You Know. Loved that. So make sure you read it too, if you haven’t.

    I haven’t heard of Over the Endline, I’ll have to go check that one out now. This is why the Goodreads list keeps growing–too many good recs to read. 🙂

    1. It is on my to read list. It looks good for sure! (Well all of Jolenes books are good) Hopefuly I can pick it up soon.
      Over the Endline is a pretty neat book. I read it a while ago, but I refer to it all the time!

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