Summer Reads – so far…

So. I haven’t done as much reading this summer as I thought I would. A big reason for this is having deadlines on TWO books – one for first pass edits (LOVE BLIND – cover soon!), and one to turn in (A FOREVER THING – my Addams Family meets a John Hughes movie)

ANYWAY. The more I read, the more often I’m a third of the way into the book, and I’m not dying to open the pages and continue reading. Sometimes the book just isn’t that great. Sometimes it’s not what I’m in the mood for. Sometimes I know I’ll love it, but just not right now so I set it aside. I’ve done that with about a dozen books this summer, so the ones below are ones that I loved enough to finish 🙂

THAT being said – in no particular order – here’s what I’ve been reading.


THE AVERY SHAW EXPERIMENT by Kelly Oram. I got to meet Kelly at the Storymakers Conference in Utah this May, and she was hilarious and smart and the whole time I kept thinking I really hope I like your books because you’re awesome. And I did. WHEW! This book totally delivers on what the cover and blurb promise. Great smexy tension, cute boys, awkward situations… Just a brilliant YA rom-com.


I will admit that I had to read this book the second I saw the cover. I’m a sucker for gorgeous covers. I also met Charlie at Storymakers. She is also awesome. I feel like she’s another big Amazon publishing success story – she’s with their imprint 47 North. I have another friend (Jessie Humphries) who is with Skyscape, and their numbers are impressive…

THAT being said – I really enjoyed this book. I was madly in love with the world. Madly in love with the uniqueness of the situation and relationships. But when I finished, I wasn’t sure if I’d read on. It’s not two months later, and I’m still thinking about this world and these characters, so next paycheck I’ll be ordering the next two books, whose covers are equally gorgeous. If you want a book with a unique setting and fascinating but unexpected love interest, this is a fab book for you 😉


As evidenced by me writing books like THE SUMMER I FOUND YOU, I love it when medical issues are thrown into books because SO many people of all ages deal with life-altering illness and conditions. If you’ve read the blurb for this book and even THINK you might like it, you’ll love it. Great story. Great tension. Great conflict. Nice mix of family and sisters and new friends and new guy… Great read. I love Kirby’s books because she writes what I write about, but I’m never like – WHYYY DIDN’T I WRITE THAT because she does what she does so very well.


I’ve wanted to read this book since it came out. My feelings on it are mixed. Part of me felt like – WHY DIDN’T HER EDITOR OR GHOST WRITER MAKE THIS SOUND LIKE AN ADULT and then part of me liked that it almost read like a book from her younger self. I feel like part of this book was her addressing criticisms laid on her since her rescue, and to be honest, as much as I found it a bit annoying, I’d have probably done the same thing. I think my favorite part was when her dad picked her up at the police station and took her home and after all this big ordeal, she was just…home. Her clothes were too small. Her siblings weren’t quite sure what to do with her, but one night she was sleeping in a tent w/ her captors and the next night she was home. I think this book also goes to show that everyone’s path to recooperating from this kind of traumatic life-changing situation is different, but it doesn’t mean they’re any less effective.


I spent most of my high school years reading V.C. Andrews, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz. When ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD came out a few years ago, I devoured it. I devoured the sequel as well. There are not enough good YA horror books out there. This world and these characters and this story is so fantastic. I love it. I already have plans to read it out loud with Mike, and I’ll be recommending this to anyone who wants a killer love story with some good action in a unique setting. This is probably my favorite read so far this summer.


I’m not sure what to say about this book. If you love Sarah Dessen, you’ll love this book. If you don’t love Sarah Dessen, you won’t love this book.

And that’s what I’ve been reading. I’m working on STARRY NIGHTS by Daisy Whitney. Her book, WHEN YOU WERE HERE, is on my short list of all-time favs, and I’m loving this one so far.

What has everyone else been reading?

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6 thoughts on “Summer Reads – so far…

  1. A few books on psychology is about it for reading at this moment.. Been a bit caught up writing. I couldn’t help but overthink your comment about book covers – what would you say makes a cover appeal to you? I’m a writer myself, and I’d love it if you took the time to check out my small blog. Atm its mainly short stories and a bit of poetry, but I’m working on a novel (Prologue is on my blog). Gotta make sure I get a perfect cover made for that one haha. Feel free to check it out, keep blogging and have a good day 🙂

  2. Interesting/eclectic mix, Jolene. I’ve considered reading Elizabeth Smart’s book several times. I find the whole story fascinating (in a horrific kind of way) and I’m interested in what she decided to share about it because she seems to have moved past it with such bravery and grace. But I rarely read non-fiction (yes, I admit it *hangs head shamefully*) plus I’m just not sure I want to go there, y’know? My favorite reads most recently have been from K.A. Tucker’s Ten Tiny Breaths companion series. So good. I read Little Peach by Peggy Kern, which was disturbing. And currently I’m reading Every Day by David Levithan.

    1. I really enjoyed Every day even though it sometimes felt slightly preachy, if that’s the right word. Smart’s book was good. She didn’t hold back the way I thought she would. There were a few things she hinted at but didn’t say but she was pretty candid.

  3. Wow, doesn’t Shutter have a terribly creepy cover? And as a horror fan, that’s a good thing. 🙂 I don’t read as much horror as I used to. Christopher Pike led me into John Saul and Dean Koontz and others like them. Someday I’d like to write a horror. Got a one good premise, but not much else to go with it. And I have too many other things to do before I start thinking on that one. 🙂

    Torn Away by Jennifer Brown was my last awesome read. Have you read that one?

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