BRANDING AND SELF PROMOTION (which I will always suck at)

I’m a huge lover of Instagram. I’d be surprised if it led to book sales, but yanno. I love it. Just like if all of my twitter followers bought my books, I’d be on the NYT, lol. (OK, maybe not, but I’d be closer).

I just read this interesting article on how to make sure that you’re “branding” yourself well on social media. That you use very high standards for content across all platforms, and basically saying that we should always be putting our best foot forward. The reason being – If people want to be like us, they’re more likely to buy our “product” whatever that product might be. In my case, obviously, it’s books.

NOW. I love these ladies’ instagrams, don’t get me wrong – I mean, just LOOK:

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 12.20.13 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 12.19.23 PM

beautiful right?

Do I want to live their life a little while looking at those pictures?

Um… Hate to admit this b/c I woudln’t trade my own life for anything, but…Yup.

The thing is, we already look at the people around us and so often think they’re better/smarter/faster/funnier/prettier/more talented than we are. Why on earth would I ever, EVER want to do that to someone else? Now. Again. I’M NOT KNOCKING THESE WOMEN! I love their Instagram feeds. They’re just not ME.

I’ll always suck at author branding for a million reasons, but the first reason is this: I never want someone to look at me and think I’m better than them in any way. The thought of that just… I dont know… Makes me itch all over. I’m just a person. I work hard. Sometimes it pays off in ways I expect/hope for, sometimes it pays off in a totally unexpected way and in a lesson learned that I didn’t really want to learn.

My latest Instagram pic?

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 12.47.20 PM

The “fairy dust” my son felt like I should have on our late night walk–it’s grass seed and after all the fairydust sprinklings, my entry way floor was covered in the stuff. My hair is tangled and greasy becuase I hadn’t showered. My makeup had long since smeared away. The lighting kind of sucks. This is one glamorous life y’all. My Instagram feed is my cat, my dog, my kids, my shoes, and random things I eat. And I don’t take enough time to make them PRETTY.

Evidence: (and this actually is better than normal)

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 12.40.13 PM

Yup. There’s nothing clean or trim or professional about these babies – especially considering I actually toyed w/ being a pro photographer at a few points in my life.

ANYWAY. I think one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten are: You are JUST like I thought you’d be after meeting you online! or I recognized you from your profile picture! (Because we ALL have met people in real life where we wonder what was left of them after they photoshopped their Avatar)

That, to me, means I’ve reached my goal. Trying to be someone else is far too exhausting. All those people who seem too perfect to be real? They are. And they have the added pressure of keeping up the pretense.

I prefer to keep it real.

Love you guys. What you see is what you get. Special sprinklings of fairy dust and all…

And now, because I’m curious, what is your FAV social media platform? And which one do you wish you spent more time? (If you want to leave links to you everywhere, I’d actually LOVE that)

~ Jo

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Published by Jolene Perry

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One thought on “BRANDING AND SELF PROMOTION (which I will always suck at)

  1. You’re real, and that’s what we love about you.

    I like Instagram for quick pics, seeing randomness from people I know.

    I want to do Twitter more, but don’t get on that often. I like being able to talk with people I don’t know. Just a random response to their random tweet. A random connection. (I apologize for my overuse of random.)

    Facebook is good for catching up more on people’s lives but I don’t post much. FB for me is more personal, people I know in real life, for the most part. But it’s also a time waster cause it’s too easy to clink on a link to here or there and then twenty minutes has passed in a second. 🙂

    No favorite I guess. They have their different purposes.

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