First thing: Tonight (October 28th) I’ll be teaching at the Eagle River/Chugiak Public LIbrary – It’s really a class on HOW I GET THE WORDS DOWN. How to start, work on, and FINISH, a book. Starts at 6:30!

So. I spent a chunk of time over several days setting up a newsletter, offering a big promo (which I’ll be giving away shortly) and…

And I decided I’d rather do my newsletter as part of my blog. I mean, it’s not like I blog a lot here. AND it’s not like I don’t have the ability to share a monthly news post across a LOT of formats from here.

So. There it is.

I’m kind of a believer in short blog posts, but unless I spread this out over a week, and do one a day, it’ll be long (ish) 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.27.52 PM

OK. Even if you’re not big into Zombie fiction, THIS IS NOT A TEST is amazing. But pretty much everything Courtney Summers writes is AMAZING.

Right now, becuase Kaylee Baldwin is awesome, I’m reading AN EMBER IN THE ASHES by Sabaa Tahir. Been really fun so far.

THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN was my book club title this month. This book is half – boring as watching paint dry and half – made of awesome. Could be my mood. Or maybe it’s the shocking lack of zombies… (I kid, I kid…).

Next up? Probably ALL THE RAGE by Courtney Summers. She never ceases to inspire me with how she puts words together. But then I’ll once again be out of Courtney Summers novels… WHAT TO DO?

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.28.13 PM

I write for two different blogs – THINKING THROUGH OUR FINGERS – which has a LOT of lovely people involved in it. And YA VERNACULAR – which is more of a web magazine, and something that I LOOOVE. So, this month? That’s all I have for writers. Good info in both places…..


Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.29.54 PM

This is one of those dorky things that JUST MAKES ME SO HAPPY!! I saw LOVE BLIND (May 2016 from Simon Pulse) on Edelweiss, and it said that our jacket flap will be matte embossed. This is a small thing, but makes me endlessly happy. When I first saw the braille dots on the cover, I SO WISHED they’d be embossed… You can add Love Blind to your goodreads pile, HERE, or pre-order HERE. Pre-orders are supah helpful to authors and publishers – wink, wink, nudge, nudge 😉

HAS TO BE LOVE still feels sort of new in the world. I’m seriously lacking in reviews, and I know both my publisher and myself put a LOT Of ARCs out into the world. I think they’re going to give me HALF the number of ARCs for my next book… Sad panda. Long story short – if you get an ARC, please leave a review. Wow. There’s no way to say that without sounding kind of like an ass…

BLUE LOGO I’m the PR girl for this awesome conference. This year, that meant I re-built their website, which you can find HERE.

The list of agents coming this year is AMAZEBALLS, and we have an editor from Disney-Hyperion, so yanno. COME 🙂

We’re just over 700 attendees big, so big enough to feel anonymous when you want, but small enough to be a seriously friendly group. And I promise, this is the friendliest conference I attend. Out guest agents always want to come back, Jeff Savage and James Dashner make people laugh. Every year… As do some of the rest of us, just not always on purpose 😉

So. That’s what’s been happening over the month of October!

What has everyone else been up to? Find anything fun online lately?

~ Jolene

P.S. One of my alternate selves released another ALMOST A FAIRYTALE novella. Those stories are so very fun for me. I’ve now covered Cinderella – a tattooed girl who finds herself falling for the son of one of the biggest donors to her private university, and Rapunzel, who is a stage actor, and who falls for the concierge at Gothel Suites (she’s in the penthouse, of course).

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