My LIST of reasons that everyone should know and love Christa Desir


When you write a novel with someone, you get an inside look at how their brain works, how their family works, and how their life works.

The more time I spend with Christa, the more I think she’s an amazing person. So today, instead of sharing a FEAR LIST, like we did w/ our characters in LOVE BLIND, I’m sharing a mooshy, smooshy list of reasons that everyone needs to follow and know Christa Desir to celebrate the release of LOVE BLIND.

This is us at SCBWI in LA a couple years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 7.38.11 PM

  1. Christa spends her “free” time, advocating for rape survivors. Raising money for rape survivors. Raising awareness of rape survivors and rape culture.
  2. Half the proceeds from her first book, FAULT LINE, go to help fund workshops for rape survivors.
  3. Christa is the most practical, pragmatic person when it comes to giving advice.
  4. She feels so deeply that her ability to empathize is deeper and more profound than anyone else I know.
  5. She’s a stellar literary citizen, and that’s not always easy to come by.
  6. I invited myself to her house for the weekend, and her people are just spectacular.
  7. If you ever need advice on sex toys, she’s your woman.
  8. EVERY time I don’t know what to do with a manuscript, Christa does.
  9. She seems to always know the ins and outs of publishers and editors and writers… and I have NO idea how she stays on top of it all.
  10. Proud to call this woman my friend.

Writing Hailey and Kyle’s story feels like a once in a lifetime experience, and one that I’ll remember forever. Thank you, friend.

LB smaller

So now, go buy our book, okay? My daughter is getting braces this summer. 😉 Or, at least go read the sample chapter Amazon always puts up. Kyle is pretty irresistible.







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