Rant: on DNF Reviews

I get twitchy and maybe a little stabby every time I see a DNF (did not finish) review for a contemporary YA, or any novel, where the MC was a terrible person in the beginning, and the person didn’t keep reading for this reason.


If the character was perfect, conflict would be a little harder to come by, wouldn’t it? And WHO WANTS TO READ ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DON’T MAKE MISTAKES? OR PEOPLE WHO ARE NEARLY PERFECT?

Do we not see that enough in magazines?

(HINT: we do, we really, really do)

(ANOTHER HINT: part of the reason we write novels, is to see the GROWTH and CHANGE in a person)

To be clear – I’m all for having DNF un-starred reviews on places like Goodreads, but going to book-seller sites when only a chapter or two has been read? Yeah, that’s being an asshole. STAHP.

~ Jo

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