Music and Writing Books

Think of all the new hits you’ve heard in your lifetime that you loved from the first time you heard them. You end up singing along to the chorus before your first listen is over. There’s something familiar about the chord progression, OR the beat, OR the lyrics OR a combination of the three. ButContinue reading “Music and Writing Books”

Drafting with the Timer Method

So, I’ve taught this a few times, and it’s not the first time I’ve talked about fast drafting, or drafting, but I wanted this small snip of fast drafting IN BRIEF. FIRST – Do whatever you need to do to set the mood. Here are some ideas: Music playlists. Snacks. Re-read the last bits ofContinue reading “Drafting with the Timer Method”

In Brief: Whacking off LIMBS

I know authors who get their first pass edits, start a whole new document, and re-write their novel. You think that’s crazy? I know people who have favorite scenes they can’t let go of, and will fight and work and re-work a novel to keep that scene in, when it no longer makes sense. YouContinue reading “In Brief: Whacking off LIMBS”