Mad Drafting Skillz Part III: Pre Writing – VISUALS (aka ALLLL the prettiessss)

Pretty much everything I talk about today is something you can include your family in, if you’re a writer who is always juggling your family time with your work time with your writing time.   I’m a visual learner. If we meet, I’ll ask you your name about 8 times before I learn it (or justContinue reading “Mad Drafting Skillz Part III: Pre Writing – VISUALS (aka ALLLL the prettiessss)”

Mad Drafting Skillz Part II: Pre-writing RESEARCH

You know that really annoying saying out there that says – WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW? And as creative people, we kind of HATE THAT? Because we write mythical creatures and experiences and things we’ll never actually KNOW? This is why research is so important. I spend a lot of time thinking about a novel beforeContinue reading “Mad Drafting Skillz Part II: Pre-writing RESEARCH”

Mad Drafting Skillz: Part I – Pre Writing, Characters

So, at the Storymakers Conference last year (link here), I taught a (packed) class on MAD DRAFTING SKILLZ, because I’m a dork who can’t even give her official class a normal name. It was a LOT of information to digest in an hour long class, so I’m going to break it down here for funsiesContinue reading “Mad Drafting Skillz: Part I – Pre Writing, Characters”