I started a newsletter ages ago, but realized after ONE that it wasn’t my thing. Posting here occasionally? That’s my thing. So, this blog will act as my newsletter.

This is your very official author-y catch up.

If you want to check out my writing advice and craft blog, go to BEEN WRITING?

And now for a few random bits of news.


LB smaller



I’m in serious need of reviews for LOVE BLIND – if you’d like to read this novel (content warning for my sensitive friends), PLEASE let me know, and I’ll make it happen.

I’ve created a sign-up for anyone wanting to receive a FREE COPY of a book in exchange for a review. I plan on doing monthly giveaways for people who have written reviews (25-50 Amazon bucks as month), as well as randomly sending out fun little things in the mail. You can find that sign up HERE.


Years ago I sold two YA novels to a small publisher that went out of business a couple of years ago. My novels went off the market for a while. I spent some time this summer re-editing those novels, and they’re now back up! I’m so so so happy to share those stories again! If you’re kindle unlimited, they’re a steal…




I just finished my first middle grade novel!!! YAY!! Hopefully I’ll have some news on that…at some point… 😉


I help run an awesome writer’s conference that happens in Utah every spring. We’re about to announce our keynote and special guests… Stay tuned HERE.

And… I think that’s it!

Happy reading and writing and living 😀


Published by Jolene Perry

Hiker. Occasional Yogi. Equestrian. Couch potato. Music lover. Mediocre guitar player. Sailor. Tailor. Home body. Traveler. Enjoys suffering from being interested in everything. Co-founder and instructor at Waypoint Author Academy. Rep'd by Amy Bishop of Dystel, Goderich, and Bourret.

2 thoughts on “CATCH UP!

  1. I don’t remember seeing What a Kiss Is. I’ll have to go look that up. Yay for getting those other stories back up and also for finishing the middle grade. What did you think of mg? Did you like it? Gonna attempt more?

    1. Okay, I just checked on Amazon. I see it’s Spillover. Now that I see that, I kinda remember hearing something about the name change. It’s been a while ago though. 🙂

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