5 Things: FATED

Sometimes we have to write a project JUST FOR FUN. This is one of those projects…


Things I love about FATED:

  1. My collaboration partner. She is perfectly amazing, and we had FAR too much fun together.
  2. I’ve always hated the idea that a god would give up everything for a mortal girl, so we wrote what happens when the god is like – Yeah, I love you, but I’m not giving up immortality for you…
  3. ART. I love writing artists – they provide such a fantastic view of the world.
  4. FRIENDS. Cy’s best friend, Curo. (Mercuro, the messenger god) He makes me swoon. And Zarah has a tough-as-nails bestie.
  5. There’s a scene, near the end, that makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME. EVERY TIME. But it’s so worth it for the end, and you don’t have to trust me on that 😉


Until you discover the truth in love you will only be half. Until you find the one who makes you whole.

Cassius, the god of love, is stripped of his status and left as a demi-god with a quiver full of arrows and a riddle he’s no closer to solving. When he fell in love with a mortal, he thought he’d broken the curse. But when he chose godhood over the woman he loved, Cassius ended up in servitude to the Sisters of Fate, tormented by his mistakes.

Zarah copes with her abusive past by painting a world that feels more familiar than the one she lives in. Her mind often wanders to a handsome stranger that would sit with her in the dark and relive his deepest heartbreak to ease her own. She paints him again and again, but when her paintings come to life around her, Zarah’s grip on reality begins to slip.

Zarah and Cassius are more deeply intertwined than either of them could have imagined, but it’s not Fate’s plan that threatens their future. With the safety of their loved ones at stake, they might have to sacrifice the one thing they want most…each other.



AJ Brooks is the collaborative efforts of authors Allison Martin (A.I. Martin) and Jolene Perry.

They bonded fast over hair color and complex, bad-a heroines vowing someday to write a book together…they’ve now written three. Their debut FATED, out now.

Together they are two sides of a coin. World and character. Magic and reality. Adventure and romance. Light and dark. Good and evil.

We’ll leave you to figure out which is which.

You can find them talking about their love of strange things and speculative fiction in their Facebook group REALITY TWISTED

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