Crash and BURN

There’s a lot to learn from crashing and burning.

A lot.

2016 was the year of stretching my writerly wings. That means I fell down. A lot. And with the snail pace of publishing, I won’t know if I have a “success” for a while, but being able to put something NEW on submission? That feels pretty great too.

For whoever is interested, here’s what I played with: MG contemporary – soooo many – MG w/ a twist of magic – MG urban fantasy – YA horror – more than one – YA thriller/horror – more than one – YA psychological thriller – Adult historical romance – several – Adult historical romance w/ a supernatural twist – Adult historical w/ a mystery – Adult contemporary romance

I totally failed with a few of my “wing-stretching” projects – even though I completed them. I crashed and burned with others by chapter 4. And even more after 1 or 2 chapters. Some started as an idea, and once I began fleshing out that idea, I dropped them. They died before I got started.

THIS IS OKAY. All of this is okay.

So  much of the learning process of writing is trial and error. There will be something from each of those that I can take to another project – a character, a scene, an idea, a setting…

There was not one wasted word in there.



There were wasted words that don’t belong, like JUST (holy crap when will I stop this?) but really. NO WASTED WORDS. I’ve blogged about that HERE.

The thing is, even if all I did was go back to writing YA contemporary (and there’s exactly NOTHING wrong with that), I’d still have learned more about putting difficult stories together, and more about putting characters together and more about WRITING than I did before. And I had FUN. And now, I know I can write new things.

Win. Win. Win. Win.

So, there you go. Challenge yourself. Even if your MS ends up being nastier than a pile of bear scat (and it’s nasty stuff), you’ll have learned something new.

~ Jo

P.S. And now I’m gonna share the full cover of the urban fantasy I wrote w/ the awesome Allison Martin of Quirks and Commas, and Makeready Designs:

You can find our generations-long love story on Amazon, HERE.



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