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How to be Your own Beta-Reader

I’d like to begin this post by contradicting myself – YOU NEED BETA READERS WHO ARE NOT YOURSELF. But really, there are a few things you can do to be a more effective self-editor in early editing rounds – big picture stuff. You have to be willing to set the MS aside for long enough […]
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A Little Late for an Intro.

Yeah, it’s a little late for an intro,  but I’ve rarely been good at following rules. I grew up with the kind of dad who used a lighter to detect possible gas leaks in gas lines. A dad who said things like, “They let electricians do it! Of course you can wire your house!” Because […]
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what the BL*RB to write next

You wanna write books that’ll sell? Sell them to yourself first.    The more years I spend writing, the more I see the benefits of having a workable pitch before I start writing, and the more I beg others to do the same. This helps keep the focus of the project as narrow as it […]
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