EGO is not for editing

I’ve seen a lot of authors struggle for years to get their books out into the world, and something that many of them have in common, is the unwillingness to accept critiques. There are a million reasons under the sun to keep something in your story the way you want to keep it, but whenContinue reading “EGO is not for editing”

Mad Drafting Skillz: Part I – Pre Writing, Characters

So, at the Storymakers Conference last year (link here), I taught a (packed) class on MAD DRAFTING SKILLZ, because I’m a dork who can’t even give her official class a normal name. It was a LOT of information to digest in an hour long class, so I’m going to break it down here for funsiesContinue reading “Mad Drafting Skillz: Part I – Pre Writing, Characters”

Learn. Propel.

(This is a re-post from I use LEARN and PROPEL a LOT – especially when I’m revising. After working through agent notes on one MS, and my first beta reader notes on another, I find myself going back to the basics. When a writer shifts something near the beginning of their MS, especially whenContinue reading “Learn. Propel.”