Shifting Your Way of Thinking – AKA Jolene waxes philosophical

So, I finally got new running shoes today. I’m owed a tax return for the first time in a long time (YAY!) because I made less money (NOT SO MUCH YAY), and I was in desperate need of new running shoes. This spring, like every other time, I expected to get that runner’s high IContinue reading “Shifting Your Way of Thinking – AKA Jolene waxes philosophical”

The DOWNSIDE of writing tough topics…

Everybody has an opinion. Everybody reads a book from a different place, because we all come from very different places. We all have experiences, and know people with experiences, and all of those things shape the way we view the world. My first published book was about a girl who had taken a year offContinue reading “The DOWNSIDE of writing tough topics…”