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Young Adult Contemporary Stories

Issue-driven contemporary stories with a strong romantic thread: high school and college age characters.

There is something so fun and refreshing about writing the teen years. I’ve loved the process of each and every one of these books.

Contemporary Romance

Fun couples, big problems, and unique happily ever afters. A hint of spice.

Welcome to Crawford, Louisiana

Love, tragedy, and brotherly love – all set in a small town in Louisiana

Historical Romance

Picking places and historical moments to wrap a love story around. Sweet Romance.

Out now!
Out now!
Coming late 2021!

Speculative Fiction

Where the real world meets the fantastical one.

Coming to Kindle Vella

I never saw such a woman.

Surely, she would be a fearsome thing to behold.

Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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