All The Forever Things

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This novel is my: Addams Family meets a John Hughes movie


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Gabriella Osborn (Gabe) and Bree have been besties since the horror of 7th grade PE.

Gabe’s love of vintage came from Bree’s obsession, and Bree is the only friend who doesn’t make a big deal over Gabe living above a funeral home.

So when Bree begins to date Gabe’s sworn enemy, she can’t believe her best friend would break their sisters before misters pact.

And then there’s the new student… Tall, lanky, and dresses in the same quirky vintage style that Gabe’s obsessed with, Gabe’s a bit smitten. But without the support of her friend, she has no idea how to move forward with a guy she likes so much.

As distractions continue to pull the friends further apart, tragedy strikes, but just when they need each other more than ever, neither knows how to bridge the gap they’ve created.

Do friendships really survive high school? And are first loves just experiences, something to check off a list, or something more?

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