Has To Be Love


“This is a poignant coming-of-age tale in which Perry’s exploration of Clara’s daily dealings with deformity and grief is sensitive and illuminating.” – Kirkus Reviews

Random note from moi:

I wrote this book after asking my editor what she’d most like to see from me. She mentioned something set in Alaska, maybe one of my broken girls like Joy in STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW or a book with some swoony-sexiness like Kate and Aidan from THE SUMMER I FOUND YOU. My daughter has a rare genetic condition called Moebius Syndrome, and so I’ve always wanted to write someone with a facial difference. This book smooshed all of these ideas together in a way that was so fun to write.

Rhodes is the kind of person I wish I was–flaws and all. Elias is the kind of guy a girl brings home to meet the parents. Clara is afraid to trust her talents. Afraid to trust that she’ll be seen for who she is instead of the scars that mar her face.

“Has to be Love tries to show us that sometimes to be able to find the right path we have to go through the wrong ones. And it doesn’t necessarily make us a sinner, it makes us a learner.” – Cynthia, Goodreads