For the Love of Music


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Griffin’s stuck in the crap town he grew up in, half-supporting the payments on his mom’s run-down trailer in the park. He’s dying for something different but can’t walk away from his responsibilities either.

Lita’s got a name and a reputation to uphold. Forever labeled as the small-town girl who made it big, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to stay on top and shed her southern girl image for the rockstar she is.

When Griffin gets a chance to tour with Lita, he has to take it. Meeting Lita, and helping with a tour, are his dream, and the position is only temporary.

When Griffin meets Lita, he expects magic, instead he finds a girl who is lost between who the world believes her to be, and who she really is.

When he walks in on her during a late night guitar session, her guard is down, and they find understanding in each other they didn’t expect. The late night guitar sessions start to turn into more, but with the pressure for Griffin to return home and Lita to keep up her badass image, the obstacles between them threaten to tear them apart forever.




Christian Meyer quit his band and checked into rehab. Only, when he checks out to start his solo career, he can’t write. At all.
Corinne’s done the hollywood, famous rockstar boyfriend thing. It ended in such a huge disaster that she ran herself out of town, despite her career as a songwriter just beginning to take off. She lives in a small cabin in the woods of Washington to keep as far away from her old life as possible.

But when Christian is desperate to start his new career, and his manager has the perfect songwriter in mind, their worlds collide.

Corinne is determined to keep her distance, it’s just collaborating for a weekend. But when Chris shows up on her doorstep weeks after their meeting and pleading for help, she can’t turn him away.

With the life she now lives and the past she’s desperate to keep buried, she’ll do everything she can to protect her heart, no matter how quickly she feels herself falling.
For the first time in his life, Chris can see himself being in love, but with a tour date looming, and Corinne terrified to move forward, they both have a long road to travel if there’s a chance of them being together.




Donovan’s running the outdoor store he started with his best friend, Hanson, and the guy he owes his life to. But his music career has been put on temporary hold, and he’s torn between doing right by his friend and himself. Then Sierra shows up.

Sierra’s thrilled her parents let her take over her brother’s room in Donovan’s apartment for her junior year of college. Donovan’s the boy she’s loved since she knew boys should be loved, and now she has her chance. She’s grown up, makes good money with her blog, and is desperate for Donovan to see her as anything but his best friend’s little sister.

At one of his local shows, Donovan meets a hero of his, rockstar Christian Meyer. Suddenly, he has a chance to tour with someone he’s looked up to for years. But as tensions rise with Sierra, who is a lot more woman than he ever thought she’d be, he knows he’s already letting his friend down by falling for her. He can’t imagine walking away from the store they started together, even if it means going on tour.

Sierra’s at nearly breaking point, and hating her brother for each day that passes and tears Donovan apart. She’s determined to do right by the man she loves, even if it means letting him go.