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Young Adult science fiction and fantasy

This is a book I wrote with Allison Martin, who you can find HERE

I fell in love with a mortal, promised her my heart and soul, but when it came time to give up my immortal life, I walked away and left her to die.

Cassius, the god of love, is cursed for his selfish mistakes by his own mother and left as a demigod with a quiver full of arrows and job to do: Fate one thousand mortal souls to make up for the one he left behind.

I can’t stop painting him, canvas after canvas, his broken reflection stares back at me with cracked marble skin and despair in his golden eyes.

Zarah copes with the darkness of her past by painting a colorful world that feels more real than the one she lives in. When Zarah’s paintings begin to come to life, she realizes that this handsome stranger and all the danger he brings with him are more than her imagination…they are her memories.  

“Fate didn’t do this to her, dear boy…you did.” 

Cassius and Zarah are more deeply entwined then either of them could have imagined, and there is more than Fate’s plan standing in the way of their chance to discover the meaning of true love. 

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