March, Vegetarianism, Reading ALL the things, and other Miscellany…

So. I thought March might be a good month to jump in a few fun things. It’s reading month or something similarish (Wow, I’m even too lazy to double-check this for my post) and it’s national health or nutrition awareness month (or something similar – see comment about “laziness” above), which I know about becauseContinue reading “March, Vegetarianism, Reading ALL the things, and other Miscellany…”

I Write What I Write

I remember after reading 20 Boy Summer and Fixing Delilah that I thought to myself – I wanna write a book like that. And then I went on a John Green binge, even though I threw Looking for Alaska across the room when I reached THAT part. And I was like – I wanna write a book likeContinue reading “I Write What I Write”

Are We Reading too Fast?

I was asked to moderate the agents and editors panel at the Alaska SCBWI/AWG conference last weekend, and the one question I WISH I’d had time to get to is this: With how our society devours something and moves on to the next, will we see a lack of new “evergreen” novels? Novels that stickContinue reading “Are We Reading too Fast?”