I Tend to be a REALIST

I tend to be a realist when it comes to the publishing world, and I echo that on my blog (yanno, on the rare occasions when I bother to blog). But I’ve shared the realities of – Timelines. Publication process expectations. Money. Sales. But some things have become easier for me now that a fewContinue reading “I Tend to be a REALIST”

WORK, MONEY and other things that make no sense…

Most mornings Mike gets up for work, shaves, puts on a suit, a button-up shirt, and a tie. He generally gets to the office about a half-hour early because of our daughter’s school schedule, and maybe stays about a half-hour late (much longer if he’s in trial or gets called out to a crime scene). So. There’s about one hourContinue reading “WORK, MONEY and other things that make no sense…”

I Write What I Write

I remember after reading 20 Boy Summer and Fixing Delilah that I thought to myself – I wanna write a book like that. And then I went on a John Green binge, even though I threw Looking for Alaska across the room when I reached THAT part. And I was like – I wanna write a book likeContinue reading “I Write What I Write”